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Trish Springfield

For nearly a quarter century, Trish Springfield has been working with banks, retailers, educators, and corporate trainers on how to energize, optimize, and most importantly, capitalize on growth opportunities in their industry. Trish’s insight, wisdom, and energy have now been directed to keynote presentations, workshops, and continuing education. A financial and retail specialist in payments, strategy, sales, and execution, Trish has worked for community and regional banks (ranging from $1.1 billion to $7.5 billion in assets), such as TD, Citizens Bank, US Bank, and SunTrust. Her retail clients include Walmart, Kroger, Weis, Albertson’s, and Price Chopper.

  • Founder of Energize2Grow
  • Has worked with banks, retailers, educators, and corporate trainers for over 27 years on how to energize, optimize, and capitalize on growth opportunities
  • Previously Executive Vice President of Retail Banking for Southern First Bank, a $1.6 billion bank with offices in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia
  • Served as the Retail Banking Executive at The Palmetto Bank as well as for The South Financial Group (now TD Bank)
  • Faculty member of the Barret Graduate School of Banking School and the South Carolina School of Banking
Trish Springfield

Courses available by Trish Springfield

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  1. Universal Banking: Solutions During COVID-19
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    • On-Demand
    Universal Banking: Solutions During COVID-19
    Scheduled for 60 minutes including question and answer period.
    Financial institution expert Trish Springfield will share solutions to help you make the client experience an exceptional one for your institution. You will learn which capabilities to add, expand, and change.

    Topics Covered

    • How can you simplify processes for your clients or members?
    • What education should you provide about self-service solutions?
    • Which new technologies can make transactions easier?
    • How can you better multitask during peak transaction days?
    • How should you balance client service with business development and growth?
    • What capabilities can you leverage to please clients or members?
  2. The 5 Skills Bank Leadership Pros Have (And You Need)
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    • On-Demand
    The 5 Skills Bank Leadership Pros Have (And You Need)

    Banking expert Trish Springfield will explain the details of the soft skills required in 2021. You will learn the specific steps to master the skills and use them daily.

    Topics Covered

    • Why are these the top five soft skills this year?
    • How can you master these soft skills?
    • What technical steps should you take for each skill?
    • How should you apply these skills to your day-to-day work?
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