Leo Castagnera

Leo Castagnera is Vice President and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Officer at First Northern Bank and Trust. Leo has sixteen years of BSA and Security experience including Regulatory Compliance Audits conducted by the Officer of the Controller of the Currency (OCC) and the Federal Reserve Board.  From 2004 until present, Leo has advised senior management in the development and implementation of the Bank’s Secrecy Act’s Policies and Procedures including the USA Patriot Act.

Leo also is the supervisor of the Bank’s Security Department, where he is developing and implementing the fraud/loss prevention program and the Branch security procedures.

During this time, Leo also served seven years as the Bank’s Community Reinvestment Officer  as the primary contact and liaison for community groups, the public, state/local governments and the National Bank Federal Regulator (OCC), where he coordinated programs and business loans to benefit low/moderate income areas of the delineated assessment areas.